Sea-Tronics Services
Sea-Tronics Services

Electrical Drafting

Produce electrical schematics and system block diagrams
Produce detailed connection diagrams for cabling and interconnecting systems
Produce assembly drawings and product sheets.

Motor and Pump Controls

Design control circuit for controlling DC or AC motors.

Technical Support

Provide technical assistance to specific products and assist service engineers in resolving problems in the field
Provide technical sales
Provide technical training.

Custom Design Solutions

Provide solutions for control applications using PLC’s and touch screen controllers.

Analog / Digital Display / Alarm via Touch Screen Panels

Provide custom design alarm system using touch screen panels to monitor analog or digital signals and provide visual graphical display and alarms.

Field Service and Commissioning

Provide onsite field service, troubleshooting, and system calibration
Provide commissioning for electrical systems, electric steering and propulsion controls.

Alarm Panels, Conventional Panels or Touch Screen

We can custom design conventional alarm panels or touch screen alarm panels to match your control application.

Mission Statement

Over 31 years of industrial experience in marine and electrical controls governed by various societies to provide the most reliable and safe products.

Provide modular equipment to simplify parts replacement, preserve long life for the equipment and reduce electronic waste to preserve and protect the environment.

Fast and reliable service to sustain and support our customers.


Our Products

PLC Applications

Conventional Motor Controls

Alarm Panels and Touch Screen

Touch Screen Display Alarm Panel

Gear Box Touch Screen Display Panel